The Facts

Collecting the data

Questions answered by analytics:
Are you attracting new customers?
Are they responding to your value proposition?
Is your website creating conversions?
Is it driving off-line action?
Are existing customers recommending you?
How do you rank compared to your competition?
Are you listed in directories that your customer
uses in an on-line search?

The Feeling

Considering human emotional response

Understanding the impact human events and habits
have on your brand success can be tricky. We see it
happening through buzz on social media, increased
recommendations, lingerers on the website, increased
participation in your community projects, etc.

A common misinterpretation is that often the last
marketing exposure a customer experiences is
credited with being the most effective. In reality, all
exposures accumulate to impact human response to
your brand and will ultimately increase sales if their
needs are effectively and uniquely met.